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Beyond the Point of No Return (FIC, Dean/Cas, NC-17)

So I filled my own request.


Title: Beyond the Point of No Return

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Rating: NC-17

Words: ~2,000

Warnings: spoilers for 5x18, PWP, strangulation, dom!Cas, angst

A/n: It’s my first SPN fic, so feedback is very welcome. Also, English is not my first language so if anything is wrong in that respect, also please notify me so I can fix it. And, uh… Yeah, well, I don’t own any of the characters etc etc.

TAGS:   fill.   dean/castiel.   castiel/dean.   submission.
Anonymous ASKED:

They play Scrabble to see who tops for the night, Jared always wins.
Bonus points for Jared being so confident in his skills that most of his words are what he plans on doing to Misha later. It helps that one of Misha's biggest kinks is a combination of wordplay and dirty-talk.
spnkinkmeme answered:
TAGS:   request.   jared/misha.   misha/jared.

Request: weddingplanner!Castiel - dean/cas, etc.. - here

Fill: the open sky (is mine tonight) - part 1, part 2

TAGS:   fill.   castiel/dean.   dean/castiel.   AU.   submission.
Anonymous ASKED:

I would like to try my hand at this!
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Anonymous ASKED:
I would love to see a sassy fic that involves knife play.. :D
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TAGS:   request.   sam/castiel.   castiel/sam.
Lollipop - Gabriel/Sam

For this prompt.

Read More

TAGS:   fill.   sam/gabriel.   gabriel/sam.   submission.
chimeratea ASKED:
I would love to see Dean and Cas as children, just playing or talking or maybe Cas just watching Dean. Something like boazpriestley's angelverse stuff!
I want to fill it, but I'm unfamiliar with Boaz Preistly's Angelverse. Anyone wanna fill me in?
spnkinkmeme answered:
TAGS:   request.   kidverse.   castiel.   dean winchester.
Put Another Dime in the Jukebox

Dean/Cas, NC-17, fill for this request where Dean and Sam are at a bar on a job and Dean gets distracted by Cas being hit on, followed by hot, dirty bathroom sex.

Part I and Part II

TAGS:   fill.   dean/castiel.   castiel/dean.   submission.
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